Provincial Grand Lodge of Warwickshire

£150,000 in donations from the
Province of Warwickshire
to non-masonic charities

This year's donations to non-masonic charities by the Warwickshire Masonic Charitable Association will amount to approximately £150,000, of which the larger sums have been distributed at a luncheon to which the major recipients were invited.   In addition, over 100 further charities will have received sums ranging from £250 to £1500. An amount has been kept in reserve so that urgent requests during the year can be met. Trustees of the Warwickshire Masonic Charitable Association evaluate the financial situation on an annual basis and allocate an amount depending on Lodge donations and investment income for the year. Donations are subsequently made to registered charities which operate primarily within the area covered by the Province of Warwickshire. The process is managed on behalf of the Trustees by W Bro John Hayward, the Provincial Grand Charity Steward assisted by W Bro Bill Clark, the Provincial Grand Almoner.

A full summary of the donations has been published on the Provincial website, and will be updated periodically.   Donations are grouped by: Hospices, Hospitals, Rescue Services and Air Ambulances; Aged, Children & Youth; Community; Religious; Medical Welfare; Disabled; Sports & Recreation; Armed & Ex-Services; Hearing & Visual Impairments; Medical Research. These are the categories recommended by the Charity Commission.

Nominations for future donations to registered Warwickshire charities should be forwarded to John Hayward in the Charity Office at Yenton Assembly Rooms, Gravelly Hill North, Birmingham B23 6BJ or phone 0121 454 0554 for further information.

Representatives of charities receiving donations

Pictured are representatives from some of the larger recipient charities, who received their cheques at a lunch, hosted by the Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro David Macey, at the Tally Ho Conference Centre. After congratulating the representatives of the charities present, the Provincial Grand Master thanked all concerned with the organization and administration surrounding both the event and the donations.   Mr Adam Williams, representing Midlands Air Ambulance, thanked the Province of Warwickshire for their tremendous support, on behalf of all the charity representatives.

Presentation to the PGM by Lifelites

Ms Emma Delin, Fundraising Executive of the Lifelites Charity, also thanked the organization for their generosity, and presented the Provincial Grand Master with a framed certificate in thanks for the assistance given to Lifelites, and officially recognizing their role as a 2017 Sponsor of Lifelites.

Commemorative Award from the Military Patient Welfare Fund

A specially engraved commemorative glass award was also presented by the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine, to mark the support for the Military Patient Welfare Fund over recent years.

Certificate presentation from the Masonic Charitable Association

The opportunity was also taken to present certificates from the Masonic Charitable Association, for donations which had already been received directly by the Children’s Hospices and the Air Ambulances within the Province of Warwickshire. These recipients are shown below with their certificates. The certificates were for a total amount of approximately £26,000 and are a part of the annual donation by the Masonic Charitable Foundation grants to these two organization which total a remarkable £192,000 to Air Ambulances across the country and £600,000 to Children’s Hospices.  


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