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Mike Hailwood Lodge Newsletter 3 - 2017

Mike Hailwood

Brethren, welcome to the Third newsletter of 2017

September 2017 Key Events

15/09/17 Mike Hailwood Lodge Ladies Festival Isle of Man

23/09/17 Special Tercentennial meeting of Mike Hailwood Lodge 9839 at Rugby Lodge Rooms.

24/09/17 Pistons and Props festival at Sywell, Northampton

(Public event not Masonic)

15/09/17 Isle of Man Ladies Festival

Held every two years, this year was a new date, and was greatly enjoyed by all 70 who attended. Our WM had negotiated a super deal at the Sefton Hotel in Douglas. I am sure we all are looking forward to the next visit.

23/09/17 Tercentennial special meeting MHL 9839 at Rugby

Despite last minute issues, the meeting was very successful with a large team of acting and past provincial officers attending. Special thanks to Our own Bro Ian Hart and Bro David Greenwood of Rokeby Lodge for being orators for the superb demonstration ceremony. Our WM was in control with masters of other Rugby lodges taking the key offices for the ceremony. The day was very well attended followed by an enjoyable festive board. A truly memorable occasion which was the result of a great deal of work by all.

A special mention to our Bro Secretary Richard Bache for the huge amount of work he (and our WM) put into making this event so successful.

Also at the meeting, the brethren approved Bro Jason Culverwell as Master Elect for 2018.

What’s happened since the last newsletter ?

MFest at Weston Park.

Greatly enjoyed by all who attended. Bro Andy Hare took his RV for the weekend. A very successful and enjoyable festival.

30 May 2017

I had the pleasure of visiting Tu Felix Masonic Motorcycle Club in Austria, extending it into a full week long touring holiday. Being the first time I have attended a lodge abroad, I did check the lodge was approved by UGLE. The weekend meeting is organised, along the lines of our weekends to the IOM, including excellent accommodation, a lodge meeting in Innsbruck on Friday night, plus guided ride-outs into the local mountains on Saturday and Sunday. The lodge meeting was held in an underground specially built room and music featured heavily in the proceedings. The lodge discipline and ceremony was very strong and impressive, even if much of the workings were in German! A unique experience. Afterwards at the festive board, everyone spoke English, so we could find out what had happened! The social side of the weekend was very good, our hosts very informal and welcoming, with well-planned ride-outs for the 30 or so riders attending if required, or just do your own thing. The weather was very good, and overall I had a very pleasant tour, made special by the masonic experience and comradeship. Next year the meeting will be held in Vienna, with ride-outs planned into Hungary and Croatia! I want to go, so please let me know if you are interested, as I can make this into a tour if required. It is anticipated this will be mid to late May 2018

BOB lodge meeting 22 July at Broadway

The WM was escorted by Bros R Bache, A Hare and myself to a regular meeting held in the Snowshill arms in Broadway. A very different meeting as no doubt you may know …but full of humour and informality. I particularly liked the drawing from a hat the lodge officers for their installation meeting. Our own Bro Ian Hart is a member. A pleasant ride-out both ways with a nice ploughman’s FB. I diverted across rural Warwickshire on the way home, and got pleasantly lost! This is an easy lodge to visit on bikes, and is a good introduction for any brethren who wish to visit a lodge on their bike.

November 10 to 12 Classic Car and Bike show NEC

Following on from the successful stand Bro Andy Hare established last year, this year even more work has gone into the stand. Brethren helped out across the weekend, and reports are that there was great interest in our lodge, including masons and non-masons from all over Europe!

A special thanks is extended to Mike Adams, WM Colin Fox, Paul Banks, Alan McMurray, Richard Fensome and Bob Fellowes for their support in lending their classic bikes for use on the stand. None of this could have happened without the hard work and long hours given freely by Andy Hare. Well done!

Classic Car and Bike show NEC

Members of MHL A group shot of some of many MHL members helping on the stand and even a visit from the Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro David Macey ! 

Lodge Visits

Autumn is upon us, it is “visiting“ season, and so far the following lodge visits have been reported to me:

Coborn Lodge 1804 21 October 2017

Bro Andy Hare bravely battled solo to ride down to this meeting, and was pleasantly surprised to see Bros Phil and Jason Culverwell also in attendance. Next visit will be 21 April 2018! Coborn continues to be a vibrant and growing motorcycle lodge, and their own style of meeting is well worth a future visit …

St Peters Lodge Market Harborough 26 October 2017

Our second visit to this lodge, held in the middle of Market Harborough. A superb lodge ceremony of passing and festive board. Brethren in attendance- Andy Hare, Jon Pitt, Paul Vernon and Richard Bache. Our WM was unable to join us sadly. Big thanks to Andy who drove us all there.

Rugby Lodges Visiting Schedule-

Attached is the lodge visiting schedule for Rugby, for any wishing to attend. Also note that many Rugby lodges hold special Christmas meetings, and of course some ladies nights in December. Contact our WM for more details as he is a regular attendee.

January 13 2018 Mike Hailwood Lodge Installation

At the September meeting, Bro Jason Culverwell was approved as our master elect for 2018, and this will be his first installation as a master .We all look forward to the first meeting of 2018, which is also the 10th anniversary of the lodge. It would be good if we can celebrate this with a special event or meeting during the year.

If you would like us to feature an event or a social meeting in our newsletter, please contact Bro Secretary Richard Bache who will pass it on to the news team .We welcome input from all the brethren of the lodge.

Finally, an early season’s greetings as this may be the last newsletter of 2017.

Yours sincerely and fraternally
Bro Jon Pitt



(September – December 2017)

Lodge No. Lodge Sept Oct Nov Dec
9420 Compass Rose   24th    
5727 Composite 19th 17th 21st 19th
5945 Darell 27th 25th 22nd  
6442 Dunsmore   13th 10th 8th
8959 Eastfields 6th 4th 1st 6th
9737 Griffin I.M.   31st    
3497 Laurence Sh.   26th 23rd  
9839 Mike Hailwood 23rd      
502 Rectitude 12th 10th 14th 12th
4118 Rokeby 1st 6th 3rd 1st
9754 W. Webb Ellis       2nd

Bedford Lodge CARE Meeting raises £1,000

Bedford Lodge

We recently reported that Bedford Lodge No 925 were hosting the world renowned lecturer Sir Keith Porterwas due to speak about the West Midlands Care Team on Friday 13th October 2017 at Severn St masonic rooms, Birmingham City Centre.

We are now delighted to report that the meeting was a great success, raising £635 for the West Midlands Central Accident Resuscitation and Emergency (CARE) Team charity. The £635 has been very kindly topped up by £365 to £1000 By the Provincial Grand Charity Steward W Bro John Hayward through the Warwickshire Masonic Charitable Association 2017 allocation.

Thank you to all who supported the event and congratulations to Bedford Lodge on raising the much needed funds for a very important local charity.

Lodge of St Blaise Superhero does it again

W Bro Pete Woodfield, from Lodge of St Blaise, has found himself at the Birmingham Children's Hospital yet again, this time with a cheque for £770.

Presentation of cheque to BCH
Presentation of cheque to BCH

This is his third visit to the hospital this year, with the previous two being £1,100 from his Ladies Night and £1,200 from collections by the Lodge of St Blaise, No 6113 during his year as Master.

In his own words, "Today, I finally managed to get along to the Birmingham Children's Hospital, to hand over the donations from my 70th birthday bash.

"I am pleased to inform all those who attended, that the sum raised was £770 (£11 for each of my years).  My grateful thanks to all who contributed. in a way though, the best thanks are those you will never receive.

"I am thinking of the children who will have cause to thank the wonderful facilities of Ward 15 (Children's cancer ward), in the years ahead."

Athelstan LoI Festival Success

The Athelstan Lodge of Instruction Festival very well, with the Presiding Officer, Bill Orton, perhaps understandably (given that it is the LOI for his Mother Lodge!), paying fulsome and deserved praise to all who took part. To show there was no bias, the Grand Lodge Officers present, VW Bro’s Roger Parker and Charles Marshall were similarly generous in their praise!

Masters in the Chair flanked by Provincial Representatives, W Bro Bill Orton, Presiding Officer & W Bro Rob Evans, Grand Pursuivant. + Lodge Almoner, Jim Foster and our Master, Gerard Somers.Masters in the Chair flanked by Provincial Representatives, W Bro Bill Orton, Presiding Officer & W Bro Rob Evans, Grand Pursuivant.
Lodge Almoner, Jim Foster and Master, Gerard Somers.

There were 38 brethren present and for this occasion we dined in the Lodge rooms, which lent a nice informality to the proceedings.

W Bro Jon Bowley with his lovely wife Jo, ready for her ‘shift’ behind the bar!
W Bro Jon Bowley with his lovely wife Jo, ready for her ‘shift’ behind the bar!
‘Guest’ Organist, W Bro Roy Taylor
‘Guest’ Organist, W Bro Roy Taylor

It was difficult to single any one performance out but the 1st degree tracing board takes the prize, not only for the fact that one hears it so rarely – and it is rarely done so well (1st time in the Lodge rooms since they were consecrated) but also for the fact it was delivered by such a Junior Brother in the Lodge, still a Fellowcraft, Bro Andrew Foster. He was of course watched closely by proud father, the Lodge Almoner, W Bro Jim Foster.

Masters in the Chair, Bro’s Matt Keeing, Ray Archer and Tim SnaithMasters in the Chair, Bro’s Matt Keeing, Ray Archer and Tim Snaith

The Chair work was shared extremely competently by Bro’s Tim Snaith, Matt Keeling and Ray Archer, with working tools equally so by Bro Andy Hollis. An exemplary Charge to the Initiate was delivered by Bro Philip Salmon, acting as Junior Warden.

All who took part with the guests

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