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Over £2000 has been raised by Warwickshire Mason, W Bro Bill Stammers, PM of Wyley Lodge 3836 meeting in Warwick. At the young age of 74, Bill has taken his first sky dive with his daughter Sally Smith and her work colleague Michelle Lowe, to raise funds for Stroke Club UK. Just about to enter the clouds, descending from 13000 feet, the parachute deployed at 5000 feet. Bill (above) is anchored to dive instructor Dave Luke, a member of Castle Lodge 7302, Oxfordshire.

W Bro bill Stammers in Tandem

It was Bill’s son Will, who survived a stroke at the age of 38, and who inspired Bill to take the dive of his life.   Will, with his wife Sue and their children Thalia (9) and Alex (6), all support Stroke Club UK where stroke survivors, their families, friends and carers, can meet together socially. Their clarion call is “Let us brighten up your day”

You can still make donations via the Club website, and “brighten up their day”!

Warwickshire Masonic Charitable Association is pleased and proud to support Stroke Club UK, Registered Charity No. 1157370.

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