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Barnard Pipes In Christmas

Jan 4 2013 1:30 AM

The December meeting of Barnard Lodge 5100 saw the introduction of six joining members who the Master, W Bro Michael Squires, greeted warmly. He at the same time thanked W Bro Fred Ditchfield for all he had done to ensure the new members were made welcome, helping to secure the future of the Lodge.

The meeting was made all the more enjoyable by the inclusion of ladies, family and guests at the Festive Board, at a splendid festive evening. One of the joining members, Bro Peter Cound*, dressed in appropriate kilt and sporran, piped in the Worshipful Master and his Lady, Sandra, to a very memorable evening for all present.  Whilst the Lodge meeting took place, the Provincial Charity Steward W Bro John Hayward, entertained the Ladies with an explanation of Freemasonry Cares, and of the Masonic Charities, both National and Local. Judging from the questions which followed, his talk was well received.

Bro Niall Murphy, an experienced Charity Steward, dressed as Santa Claus, appealed for support of the charity CRY - Cardiac Relief for the Young - and the magnificent sum of £261 was raised. 

Carols were sung, gifts were bestowed, and Auld Lang Syne concluded a wonderful evening.

*Peter Cound is available to offer his piping skills to Lodges at their Festive Boards, New Year celebrations, Burns Nights etc in exchange for a small donation to charity. Needless to say, he always appreciates food and liquid refreshment following his labours! Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(l-r) Michael Squires, Peter Cound, Sandra Squires


Pat Ditchfield, John Hayward

Linda Hayward, Fred Ditchfield

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  • Pamela Phelps said

    I would like to add that the Ladies informal was most enjoyable at Barnard Lodge. With good food and good company and that I am very proud of my partner Peter Cound. Best wishes to all Pam Phelps

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