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A First for Integrity?

Nov 20 2013 12:39 AM

The Lodge of Integrity 4563 conducted an unusual ceremony of passing when the candidate was Bro Tony Hill. Nothing unusual about the ceremony itself, but what was special was that Tony had been initiated into the Dionysos Lodge 9716, District of Cyprus (EC) just under a year previously.

Tony hails from Plymouth and is a saturation (aka deep sea) diver, working all over the world maintaining oil and gas installations. Breathing a mixture of oxygen, helium and hydrogen, his workplace is typically around 200m below the waves and he lives and works at that depth for up to a month at a time.  When his shift ends, the return to normal life is far from simple – Tony will spend up to seven days in a decompression chamber before heading home. Family priorities saw him return to the UK with his wife and they now have a home just down the road from the Yenton Assembly Rooms in Birmingham.

Members of the Lodge first met Tony earlier in the year when he asked if he could come and visit them. He obviously enjoyed the evening as the Lodge was delighted and honoured to be asked to pass him on behalf of his Mother Lodge back in Cyprus. After making contact with the Dionysos Lodge and ensuring all the necessary regulations had been complied with, the ceremony went very well and Tony is already hoping that the Lodge of Integrity will be able to conduct his raising!

Tony Hill (l) with Lodge of Integrity's Master Steve Tranter

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