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Burns Night with the Lodge of Warwick

Lodge of Warwick

The Lodge of Warwick 8011

Burns Night Supper


Alderson House, Warwick


Wednesday 11th January 2017

The Lodge of Warwick is once again combining its January Lodge Meeting with a traditional Burns Night Supper and you are invited to join us together with any Non-Masons you may wish to invite and share the evening with us. The evening is open to all Lodges.

We will hold a very short meeting for essential business and after Closing, the Lodge room will again be open. Gentlemen are encouraged to walk about and ask questions but, they are NOT put under any pressure, there may be some hand-out material for them to take away if they so wish. We will NOT try and steal your guests for our Lodge, we simply offer it as a pleasant and informal evening that just might lead to a little interest as indeed it has proved in the past.

There will be a piper playing background music and then piping in the Haggis and in due course the skin, there will be the address to the Haggis and again to the skin. You will hear the “Immortal Memory” and the evening is rounded off with a traditional Scottish song – “The Star of Robbie Burns”. It is a lot of fun.

The evening will cost £24.00 for a traditional 4 course Scottish meal which includes a tot of whisky to help the Haggis on its way.

If you would like to be included please contact:

W Bro Steven Price on 01926 494980 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) this is always a popular evening with a quite full house but a few more are always welcome. Why not give it a try?


General Lodge of Instruction 2017

Members of the General Lodge of Instruction at the 2016 Festival
Members of the General Lodge of Instruction at the 2016 Festival
To members old and new – the General Lodge of Instruction shall be holding their Thursday night meetings in 2017 from September onwards at Severn Street Meeting Rooms, Birmingham. Full calendar details of precise dates and times etc will appear here early in 2017. The remaining meetings until May 2017 will remain at the Apollo.

The General Lodge of Instruction [GLoI] is the only Lodge of Instruction in Warwickshire recognised by the Emulation Lodge of Improvement London. They have been providing rehearsal and instruction for over 100 years and recently put on a demonstration of Lectures for Solihull Lodge No 8088 as part of their celebrations for their first fifty years. This led to an invitation to provide a demonstration at the Service Above Self Lodge No 9421. The GLoI has now been asked to assist The University of Birmingham Lodge No 5628 conduct a triple passing in March 2017.

This ‘service’ is available to any Mason, young or not so young, who wishes to advance their ceremonial ritual, especially when progressing towards the Chair – Entered Apprentices or Fellow Crafts as well as Master Masons are welcome. Do go along and enjoy the company.

The remaining meetings until May 2017 will remain at the Apollo. Full contact details are in the Yearbook and on the Website, and may also be obtained from the Secretary, Geoffrey Stevens.
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 07709 996787.


Bostin’ Celebration for Shipston-on-Stour

As an unusual way to help celebrate their 25th Anniversary, Shipston-on-Stour Lodge 9418 invited the infamous Black Country Heritage Lodge 9702 Demonstration Team to provide a special evening of masonic enjoyment.
This took place after the Master of Shipston-on-Stour, W Bro Michael Jeffries, had conducted the regular business and closed the Lodge, when the Demonstration Team took complete charge to perform the light hearted enactment of a ceremony of Initiation as it might have been carried out by Aynuk ‘n’ Ayli in the Black Country at the time of the Industrial Revolution.

The Demonstration Team, together with three “stooges” co-opted to participate 
The “werkings” are “interactive”, with anyone present being called upon at any time to take part in the proceedings. As was customary in those days, small fines for “indiscretions” were imposed instantly and to anyone (everyone!) with all proceeds going to the host lodge Charity Steward.
The sole aim of the 9 member team is to provide an evening of Masonic fun and enjoyment with a strong Masonic message, which was certainly well achieved and thoroughly appreciated by the 80 members and visitors present.
Further details about the Demonstration Team can be seen on their lodge website

Masons support Schools for Gambia and Lifelites

Schools for Gambia and Lifelites benefit from Warwickshire Installed Master’s Lodge Ladies Festival Weekend

The end of W Bro Keith Holdsworth’s year in the chair of Warwickshire Installed Masters Lodge No 4538 was marked by a Ladies Festival Weekend in Torquay. It took place mid September and was open to all lodge brethren, family and friends for either two or three days at the Toorak Hotel.

It was sunny and warm, and with the facilities the hotel complex had to offer, a good time was had by all. The weekend organised activities kicked of with a dinner on the Friday night followed by an evening at the races and dancing to a talented local duet.

Thanks to the generosity of the participants donating their profits, the evening raised the sum of £290. This sum was donated to “Schools for Gambia”, an organization working closely with people in The Gambia to build schools, education centres and to supply learning resources.

Presentation to Schools for Gambia
Presentation to Schools for Gambia

W Bro Keith Holdsworth presented the cheque to Mrs Sylvia Fry who is Chair of the Goveners at Clifton Primary School in Birmingham. Clifton School became involved with Schools for Gambia some six years ago: "Every child has the right to an education. That’s why Schools for Gambia works closely with people in The Gambia to build schools and education centres, supply learning resources and establish sponsorship programmes." said Sylvia.

The donation from the Warwickshire Installed Masters Lodge was therefore of great importance in their effort to ensure that teachers have their own living space, rather than relying on the goodwill of the villagers to offer space in their already overcrowded homes The outstanding issue is the dire need for the provision of teacher’s accommodation, as the village is so remote. Without such accommodation, there was a real threat to the future of the school.

On the Saturday evening a splendid four course dinner was enjoyed by all, and an extensive raffle produced the magnificent sum of £1040 which was donated to Lifelites.

Lifelites is a charity that supplies specialist technology for over 9000 terminally ill and disabled babies, children and young people using children’s hospice services across the British Isles. Wherever you are, there will be a Lifelites project for children near you. These children have life limiting, life threatening and disabled conditions. Through the magic of technology, their equipment gives these children opportunities they wouldn't otherwise have.                                                                                

Presentation to Lifelites
Presentation to Lifelites

The cheque was presented by the Worshipful Master and his wife Noreen to Simone Enefer-Doy, the Chief Executive of Lifelites, at Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice in Coventry. Lifelites had just finished an installation where the equipment, Zoe’s Place staff training, and four years support costs Lifelites around £50,000. over four years. The equipment is then renewed and updated after the four years. The hospice pays nothing towards the project as all Lifelites work is funded by donations.


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