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General Lodge of ImprovementOn 30th June this year, at 4.30pm an event will take place at FMH, Gt Queen Street, London, which will enhance Masonry in Warwickshire and be an inspiration to others, whether successful (or not).

W Bro Herrick a Past Master of The Fire Service Lodge, No 8401 and Assistant Preceptor Elect of The General Lodge of Instruction No 587 [The only ‘Recognised’ Lodge of Instruction in Warwickshire], has been invited by The Committee of The Emulation Lodge of Improvement, London, to take the chair at their Festival for the ceremony of Passing. You must be a Master Mason to attend and a booking form is attached.

This is a rare honour and their website extract below shows the stringent qualifications necessary to join the exclusive number of brethren.

A Brother who works a ceremony from the Chair “without standing in need of prompting or correction” receives a silver matchbox, engraved on the front with his name and on the reverse with the heading “E. L. of I.” and beneath it the ceremony he has worked, together with the year (e.g. “2nd. Deg. & T.B. 1975”). If the Brother subsequently works a different ceremony without correction, that is recorded in the same fashion, and if he has worked all four ceremonies without correction, the words “Complete Record” are added at the foot of the list. In order to qualify, the ceremony must be worked by the Master without any mistakes in either words or actions.

Further information may be had from Geoffrey Stevens Secretary GLoI on 07709-996787 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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