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Collegiate Church of St Mary's WarwickThe procession through Warwick to the Annual Provincial Church Service is always a special occassion in Warwickshire, but this year it is going to be better then ever. The links between the Collegiate Church of St. Mary's in Warwick and Warwickshire Freemasonry are very strong and date all the way back to 1728.

This year’s Church Service is to be a special celebration of our Tercentenary and will include pieces of music specially composed for the occasion by three of our musicians in the Province.

  • Dr Mike Grillage has written a Grand March to accompany the entry of the Provincial Grand Master & Grand & Acting Provincial Officers into the Church.
  • Peter Summers the Provincial Grand Organist has written an Introit based on the words round the ceiling of the Grand Temple at Great Queen Street.
  • Michael Irving has written the words and music of a new hymn celebrating the Tercentenary.
  • Michael has also written a prayer and set it to music adapted from Arthur Sullivan – a Past Grand Organist.

The service is being held at St. Mary’s Church, Warwick on Sunday 11th June at 3.00 pm. It will be an ecumenical Service and Brethren and families of all faiths are welcome to attend. Representatives of the Jewish, Sikh, Hindhu and Muslim faiths as well as Christian will be taking part.

The Director of Music is W Bro Peter H Summers, Provincial Grand Organist, The Provincial Choir will be under the direction of W Bro Michael Irving PAGDC, while the Assistant Director of Music at St Mary’s, Mr Mark Swinton will be playing the organ.

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