Provincial Grand Lodge of Warwickshire

UGLE have had an excellent response so far in attracting applications for the ‘video’ casting, but are still keen to spread the net a bit wider with regards to two key groups:

•             25-30 year old Freemasons
Looking for a likeable, enthusiastic, passionate, sporty, sociable, employed, aspiring young Freemason who is at the very beginning stages of Freemasonry.
The young Freemason will be featured on his own talking about different aspects of Freemasonry, and also as part of a sociable group of fellow Freemasons.

•             Group of 20-50 year old Freemasons approx. 4-5 people
The friends will be part of some relaxed conversations with the new/‘about to join’ Freemason discussing friendship and natural interaction shots/activities. They will be exploring key topics of Freemasonry with him.
They can be from any region and will all collectively come together for this piece of filming.

Any suitable members who are budding video stars and would like to contribute to the ‘video’ are urged to complete the application form, which has been sent to their Lodge Communications Officer, and email it to our Director of Communications. The closing date for applications has been extended until end of play on Wednesday 25th September 2013.

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The United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) is the governing body for freemasons within England and Wales and districts overseas.