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Beyond the Craft & Social Event with the Five of Nine Club

Beyond the Craft
Beyond the Craft
Have you ever heard of amongst others the names Royal Arch, Mark Masons or Knights Templar?  Do you wonder what these orders are and how you can join them?  The Five of Nine Club are setting out to help you in your daily advancement in Masonic knowledge!

On Saturday 14th of January 2017 at 12:45 pm you can find out!  The Five of Nine Club will proudly host a “Beyond the Craft” masonic educational event at:

St. Paul's Club
34 St. Paul's Square,
B3 1QZ

The event will include presentations on:
  • Royal Arch
  • Mark Master Masons
  • Knights Templar and Knights of Malta
  • Order of the Secret Monitor
  • Rose Croix

This interesting and engaging event is free to attend for Five of Nine Club members and only £5 per person for non-members.

This really is something not to be missed and these type of events are few and far between.

There will be free tea and coffee for all those attending the event and the St Paul’s Club bar will be open should you need a winter warmer!

Following the Beyond the Craft event, the Five of Nine Club will be holding one of their bi-monthly social events. 

Along with our wives/partners and friends we will be making the short walk to:

Actress & Bishop Pub,
36 Ludgate Hill,
B3 1EH 

at 3:30 pm. This will give us time to catch up and enjoy some much needed liquid refreshment.

If you would like to attend or know more on this fantastic event or on how to become a member please email Bro Carl Foster or visit our website as soon as possible.


Provincial Grand Lodge 2017 at Freemasons Hall

Annual Meeting Flyer

Provincial Grand Master's Christmas Message 2016

Provincial Grand Master RW Bro David F Macey
Provincial Grand Master RW Bro David F Macey
Dear Brethren,

Christmas Message 2016

Christmas and the New Year will soon be upon us and many of you will spend this time with your friends and families, but we need to be ever mindful of those less fortunate than ourselves.

Please remember those who need our help this Christmas, particularly within our own communities. Let us not forget our local Charities and try to ensure that they, as well as our widows, receive our support.

Next year sees us partaking of many celebrations of 300 years of Freemasonry notably MFest on 24th and 25th June. This will be taking Freemasonry out into our communities showing just how much we can contribute and support them.

The support and encouragement that you give to me and all of the Provincial Team is much appreciated and I do hope that you all continue to enjoy your Masonry to the full.

Sandra, and I, wish you all a very Happy Christmas with your friends and families, and a peaceful and prosperous New Year. Above all we wish you good health to enjoy it.

Yours sincerely and fraternally,

David F Macey
Provincial Grand Master

Lifelites support Zoe's Place

Warwickshire Masonic Charitable Association has been pleased and proud to support both Lifelites and Zoe's Baby Place Hospice in Coventry for many years, and will continue to do so.  Lifelites is an amazing organisation which provides advanced technological aids to all Warwickshire Children's Hospices, whilst Zoe's Place is an incredibly happy centre, looking after younger children with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions.  We know that many of our Individual Lodges support both charities, and obviously this is encouraged to enable their invaluable work to continue. 

Charity Lifelites donates specialist technology for children at Coventry children’s hospice

National children’s charity Lifelites has donated a package of specialist technologies for children at Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice in Coventry. The children who visit the hospice will be able to use the equipment to play games, be creative and communicate with their families, something which may be impossible for them to do otherwise.

The package of equipment and services - which is worth £50,000 over its four year lifespan - was donated completely free of charge by Lifelites. The charity also provides ongoing technical support and training for the hospice staff.

The charity was able to donate the equipment due to the generosity of donors. For this project, money was donated by the Warwickshire Freemasons, as well as the Khoo Teck Puat Foundation, GamesAid, Microsoft and Children with Cancer UK.

One of the pieces of equipment donated was a Magic Carpet. This is a portable box which projects an image on to the floor, a wheelchair or a bed, which children can interact with. This technology gives them the chance to escape the confines of their condition and play one of the many games or animations, such as playing football or splashing in the sea.

Lifelites donates to Zoe's Place
Lifelites donates to Zoe's Place

The children also received an Eyegaze. This is a piece of equipment which allows those with limited mobility to control a computer using just their eyes. By using the Eyegaze, children who struggle to communicate with their family and their carers are able to do so – often for the first time.

Other items donated include iPads, cameras and touchscreen computers along with lots of games and other software specially designed to be accessible for children with disabilities.

After two days of staff training, families, donors and hospice staff gathered to celebrate the occasion and to officially hand the equipment over to the children at the hospice.

Clare Walton, senior care assistant at Zoë’s Place said: “The eye gaze equipment will revolutionise the experience that many of our children will have here at Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice.  It has already been fantastic to see a glimpse of their full potential and it has been wonderful for the parents to witness just what their children are capable of.  It is incredible for the staff and parents to be able to communicate with the children on a far deeper level than we have been able to without this equipment.

“The equipment has so many applications for us and a child can use it for leisure time, completing school work and general communication.  It is very easy and intuitive to use and we are currently rolling out the training to all of our staff.  We are so thrilled to have this and cannot thank everyone enough who made it happen.”

Simone Enefer-Doy, Chief Executive of Lifelites said: “We are thrilled to be able to provide equipment for the children at Zoë’s Place who have life-limiting, life-threatening and disabling conditions. The magical technology we have donated can be used to play, to be creative and communicate, and enrich the lives of these children and their families, for as long as is possible. We couldn’t have provided this package if it wasn’t for the generosity of our donors, so for this we are incredibly grateful.”

Lifelites donates to Zoe's Place
Lifelites donates to Zoe's Place

Lifelites has donated equipment to every children’s hospice in the British Isles over the last 16 years, and continues to provide new technology and ongoing support to ensure that children in hospices have unlimited possibilities.

Remembrance Service - 12 November 2016

The Provincial Remembrance Service took place on Saturday 12th November at Yenton Assembly Rooms. This years event was very well supported, with just under a hundred brethren, their wives, partners, family and friends seated in the Temple, which was almost at full capacity. The Provincial Grand Master, his Deputy and all four Assistant Provincial Grand Masters were in attendance and the service was led by the Provincial Grand Chaplain, W Bro John Cowan, for what was a very moving and dignified event.

Yenton set up for the Remembrance Service
Yenton set up for the Remembrance Service
The Provincial Grand Master laying a wreath
The Provincial Grand Master laying a wreath
The Altar ready for the service
The Altar ready for the service

Wreathes were laid by the Provincial Grand Master and his Deputy, representatives from other Orders, Veterans, a serving Officer of the Armed Forces, and 2 year old Charlotte Claybrook, the Granddaughter of a Warwickshire Freemason.

Serving member of the RAF
Serving member of the RAF
Veteran presents his wreath
Veteran presents his wreath
2 year old Charlotte presenting a wreath
2 year old Charlotte presenting a wreath


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