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The deadline for the Masonic Paper Competition has been extended to give brethren the opportunity to complete and submit their papers. In order to give all writers the best opportunity, the deadline for submission is now 1st May 2017. We strongly encourage all brethren to have a go at conducting a little research, the work does not need to be onerous as there is a wealth of information available in print and on the Internet. Papers are particularly encouraged from brethren below the chair as you often bring a different perspective with your research which brings an interesting counterpoint to papers from more experienced brethren.

The winners will be announced by the Provincial Grand Master at the Provincial Grand Lodge meeting in 2017 being held at Great Queens Street as part of the tri-centenary celebrations.There are two cups available to the winners, one to keep and the other to return after 1 year. There are two categories also, one below the Chair and the other for W Bros. New papers should be sent to W Bro Keith Marchington, PAGDC in the first instance to collate, index and create the database. Keith would therefore welcome any submissions you may have whether these are old or new.

Papers can be sent to Keith at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The closing date is 1st May 2017. The winners will be given the opportunity to present their papers to the Installed Masters meeting in 2017. If the winner prefers, Keith can deliver them on their behalf.

To give you a few ideas, the following may encourage you to put pen to paper!
    1    Where did the Master and Wardens pillars come from?
    2    What is the significance of the little blue forget-me-not to Freemasonry?
    3    Why a black and white chequered carpet?
    4    Who was Adoniram, where did he and his family live, and how did come to prominence?
    5    What does the bible say about our freemasonry?
    6    Why did David wage war with just about every tribe around?

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