Provincial Grand Lodge of Warwickshire

The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Museum
(Royal Warwickshire)


The Province has been pleased to respond to an appeal from the Trustees of the Museum of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Warwickshire, based in Warwick. A donation has been sent by the Warwickshire Masonic Charitable Association, and it has been agreed that the appeal should be widened to any Lodge in the Province where the members feel able to contribute.

The museum operates from St John’s House, Warwick, and has been funded for many years by the Ministry of Defence but this support will cease completely in 2017 due to financial cut-backs. This means that the museum will have to find £60,000 per annum to continue their presence in Warwick.
The museum is exploring other sites and operational aspects to attempt to reduce their costs, but will still need a great deal of support to survive.

The Chairman, W Bro David Owen, MBE, DL, PAGDC, has said “Many Masons over the years, especially during the two World Wars, have served with the Royal Warwickshire Regiment and it is to all these Warwickshire men whose memory we fight to preserve, and the heritage of Warwickshire people which we have in our magnificent collection”.

The Museum has a splendid website which gives far more information that I can provide in a short article - Details of how to support the museum are on the website, or on request I will provide contact details for W Bro David Owen.

John Hayward
Provincial Charity Steward

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