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Bladder Scanner for the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

The Ward 12 Complex, Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, Birmingham, has been accumulating funds for a bladder scanner, which will rapidly assess patients with urinary retention problems arising from side effects in the use of spinal anaesthetics.   The scanner will enable rapid treatment, reduce the use of catheters, and reduce the occurrence of infections and sepsis. It will also ensure that privacy and dignity is maintained for patients, something all too easily lost in hospital.

The Warwickshire Masonic Charitable Association has been pleased to match the amount already accumulated, which will go a long way towards obtaining the scanner. Pictured below is W Bro Tony Newby, former Provincial Charity Steward, presenting the cheque for £750 on behalf of the Province, to the staff on the Ward, where Tony and his wife Ann have both recently received treatment.

W Bro Tony Newby presenting the cheque for £750
W Bro Tony Newby presenting the cheque for £750

If any Lodge or individual wants to help with the appeal, please contact John Hayward, Provincial Charity Steward in the Yenton Charity Office.

Plea for help from the Royal Warwickshire

The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Museum
(Royal Warwickshire)


The Province has been pleased to respond to an appeal from the Trustees of the Museum of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Warwickshire, based in Warwick. A donation has been sent by the Warwickshire Masonic Charitable Association, and it has been agreed that the appeal should be widened to any Lodge in the Province where the members feel able to contribute.

The museum operates from St John’s House, Warwick, and has been funded for many years by the Ministry of Defence but this support will cease completely in 2017 due to financial cut-backs. This means that the museum will have to find £60,000 per annum to continue their presence in Warwick.
The museum is exploring other sites and operational aspects to attempt to reduce their costs, but will still need a great deal of support to survive.

The Chairman, W Bro David Owen, MBE, DL, PAGDC, has said “Many Masons over the years, especially during the two World Wars, have served with the Royal Warwickshire Regiment and it is to all these Warwickshire men whose memory we fight to preserve, and the heritage of Warwickshire people which we have in our magnificent collection”.

The Museum has a splendid website which gives far more information that I can provide in a short article - Details of how to support the museum are on the website, or on request I will provide contact details for W Bro David Owen.

John Hayward
Provincial Charity Steward

Warwickshire Masonic Charitable Association - 2016 Donations

Each year the board of trustees for the Warwickshire Masonic Charitable Association allocates an amount for the year to be donated to non-Masonic Charities within the Province.   This year, having been allocated £150,000 as in the previous year, this sum has almost been entirely distributed and many of the recipient charities are small local organisations nominated by Lodge members or Lodges. Many references can be found on websites and facebook accounts and other communications media.   The charities receiving our donations are always very grateful for our donations, even if we do not always “hit the headlines”, although the last twelve months have seen publication of a number of articles in Birmingham papers and local free papers.

Please continue to recommend charities that you would like the Province to support, either individually or as a Lodge.

We much prefer to support charities that are recommended to us, and will help whenever possible.

A full summary of the charities supported in 2016 is available here. The summary can also be found on the Provincial website, under the heading “Our Charities” on the front page.

John Hayward
Provincial Charity Steward

The Masonic Paper Competition - extended deadline

The deadline for the Masonic Paper Competition has been extended to give brethren the opportunity to complete and submit their papers. In order to give all writers the best opportunity, the deadline for submission is now 1st May 2017. We strongly encourage all brethren to have a go at conducting a little research, the work does not need to be onerous as there is a wealth of information available in print and on the Internet. Papers are particularly encouraged from brethren below the chair as you often bring a different perspective with your research which brings an interesting counterpoint to papers from more experienced brethren.

The winners will be announced by the Provincial Grand Master at the Provincial Grand Lodge meeting in 2017 being held at Great Queens Street as part of the tri-centenary celebrations.There are two cups available to the winners, one to keep and the other to return after 1 year. There are two categories also, one below the Chair and the other for W Bros. New papers should be sent to W Bro Keith Marchington, PAGDC in the first instance to collate, index and create the database. Keith would therefore welcome any submissions you may have whether these are old or new.

Papers can be sent to Keith at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The closing date is 1st May 2017. The winners will be given the opportunity to present their papers to the Installed Masters meeting in 2017. If the winner prefers, Keith can deliver them on their behalf.

To give you a few ideas, the following may encourage you to put pen to paper!
    1    Where did the Master and Wardens pillars come from?
    2    What is the significance of the little blue forget-me-not to Freemasonry?
    3    Why a black and white chequered carpet?
    4    Who was Adoniram, where did he and his family live, and how did come to prominence?
    5    What does the bible say about our freemasonry?
    6    Why did David wage war with just about every tribe around?

Birmingham Crisis Centre supported by Freemasons

Birmingham Crisis CentreThe Birmingham Crisis Centre has been in operation since 1988, providing a safe haven for female victims of domestic abuse. Domestic abuse occurs across the whole of society, regardless of age, race, sexuality, wealth or location. Children are also affected, both directly and indirectly, and there is also a strong link between domestic violence and child abuse. Figures for domestic abuse continue to rise, and the Centre needs all the help it can obtain, to bring comfort and security to vulnerable women and their children.

The Province has supported the Centre for a number of years, and this year has been joined by the Freemasons Grand Charity in a “Matched Funding Scheme” where Provinces receive a £1000 donation to supplement funds already donated by the Province. The Warwickshire Masonic Charitable Association gave £2500 to the Birmingham Crisis Centre earlier this month. The centre is receiving more referrals than ever at present, and is in urgent needs of funds for development, with which the Province will do all it can to assist in furthering their splendid achievements.

The photograph below shows Centre Manager Vanessa Chapman receiving the cheque from John Hayward, Warwickshire Charity Steward, with Rachel Wolffsohn, Chairman, and Mrs Judy Watts-James, Trustee for the last 27 years.

Vanessa Chapman receiving the cheque from John Hayward
Vanessa Chapman receiving the cheque from John Hayward

Further details can be found at with the exception of the location, which for obviously is kept confidential for safety and security reasons.

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