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Please support The Ladies Gift Fund Christmas Fayre

This year’s Ladies gift Fund Christmas Fayre takes place on Saturday 25th November at Lindon House, Wolverhampton, as shown on the poster below – your support for this event is encouraged.

Admission Tickets have been addressed to the Charity Steward of each Lodge and have been given to representatives meeting at each Masonic Centre, except for a few which have been posted direct to the Charity Steward, where a Lodge meets at a non-Masonic centre. Please will all Lodges sell the tickets to members and friends, and send a cheque to the Ladies Gift Fund Treasurer. A return envelope is included with the tickets. If ticket sales are low, a donation in lieu of sales would be appreciated from each Lodge.

As in previous years, Warwickshire will be operating the Bottle Tombola and other attractions, and to that end John Hayward will be most grateful for donations of any form of bottle – it does not have to be alcoholic, in fact the more variety the better.

Please either bring bottles on the day, or let John have them via the Provincial Office at the Yenton Assembly Rooms. As a last resort, he is even prepared to pick up bottles from your local centre if you are unable to deliver them.

The Ladies would very much appreciate a good attendance of members and friends from each Lodge – you can be assured of a very warm welcome on the day. Tickets can also be purchased on the day.

If any Lodge has not received tickets, please contact John Hayward in the Charity Office, who will be pleased to assist.

All profits from the event are given to Masonic charities and the three Provinces.

Ladies Gift Fund

Athelstan LoI Festival Success

The Athelstan Lodge of Instruction Festival very well, with the Presiding Officer, Bill Orton, perhaps understandably (given that it is the LOI for his Mother Lodge!), paying fulsome and deserved praise to all who took part. To show there was no bias, the Grand Lodge Officers present, VW Bro’s Roger Parker and Charles Marshall were similarly generous in their praise!

Masters in the Chair flanked by Provincial Representatives, W Bro Bill Orton, Presiding Officer & W Bro Rob Evans, Grand Pursuivant. + Lodge Almoner, Jim Foster and our Master, Gerard Somers.Masters in the Chair flanked by Provincial Representatives, W Bro Bill Orton, Presiding Officer & W Bro Rob Evans, Grand Pursuivant.
Lodge Almoner, Jim Foster and Master, Gerard Somers.

There were 38 brethren present and for this occasion we dined in the Lodge rooms, which lent a nice informality to the proceedings.

W Bro Jon Bowley with his lovely wife Jo, ready for her ‘shift’ behind the bar!
W Bro Jon Bowley with his lovely wife Jo, ready for her ‘shift’ behind the bar!
‘Guest’ Organist, W Bro Roy Taylor
‘Guest’ Organist, W Bro Roy Taylor

It was difficult to single any one performance out but the 1st degree tracing board takes the prize, not only for the fact that one hears it so rarely – and it is rarely done so well (1st time in the Lodge rooms since they were consecrated) but also for the fact it was delivered by such a Junior Brother in the Lodge, still a Fellowcraft, Bro Andrew Foster. He was of course watched closely by proud father, the Lodge Almoner, W Bro Jim Foster.

Masters in the Chair, Bro’s Matt Keeing, Ray Archer and Tim SnaithMasters in the Chair, Bro’s Matt Keeing, Ray Archer and Tim Snaith

The Chair work was shared extremely competently by Bro’s Tim Snaith, Matt Keeling and Ray Archer, with working tools equally so by Bro Andy Hollis. An exemplary Charge to the Initiate was delivered by Bro Philip Salmon, acting as Junior Warden.

All who took part with the guests

St Philip unites lodges across the Provinces

On Thursday 18th October 2017 Worshipful Brothers Pete Clarke and Peter Fry, two intrepid members of St Philip's Lodge 5580, braved the M42/M1 to venture to Tapton Hall, Sheffield to visit St Philip's 7116. On arrival they were to find that they had been elected as Honorary Members in recognition of their long and frequent attendance.

W Bro Pete Clarke, W Master of 7116 Tim Watts, W Bro Peter Fry

It all started in the spring of 2002 when W Bro Pete Clarke realized that his forthcoming installation would coincide with the 400th meeting of his Lodge. He made contact with and visited the two other St Philip's Lodges in the UK - St Philip 4221, Southend, and St Philip's 7116, Sheffield, and extended an invitation to his installation in the October.

Both Lodges were delighted to accept, the rest, as they say is history.  Members visit Southend at least once a year and Sheffield for most meetings, there are reciprocal visits both to Lodge and social events - particularly Ladies' Evenings - much enjoyed by brethren and ladies alike.

You can follow the explots of St Philips Lodge on their Facebook page at



Retention Strategy and Exit Planning

Provincial LogoYou will probably be aware of the recent changes to the Visiting Officer scheme which will hopefully improve its effectiveness and speed up the Provincial response to requests for help from Lodges.

As a further improvement to the scheme, the Provincial Grand Master has decided to implement a retention and exit strategy to work in conjunction with the VO scheme to help Lodges identify and retain Lodge members who are at risk of falling by the wayside.

The Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VW Bro Michael Morris, PGSwdB, has been appointed to lead the Retention and Exit Strategy Initiative.

This exciting and timely approach will centre around two new structures:

A Retention Team, headed by the Deputy PGM and comprising senior and experienced Masons from various Masonic disciplines to be called upon as and when appropriate. These will include certain senior Acting Provincial Officers, Past Provincial Wardens and representatives from the Education and Development Team, Provincial Lodge Support Team, 5 of 9 Club and such other co-opted members as may be appropriate from time to time.

The Retention team will act on information provided by Lodge Secretaries through two new forms; the Assistance Form and the Exit Form.

When either of these forms is received from a Lodge, the Deputy PGM will assess the content and allocate the most appropriate one of the Retention Team to take whatever action is required. This could be to meet with your Lodge SVO to engage the VO structure, enlist Provincial Support through the Mentor or Almoner or contact the Individual to offer non-partisan support.

It is imperative that Lodges immediately advise the Deputy PGM, through the Lodge Secretary, when a resignation is received, or when a resignation may be imminent.

Celebrate the Tercentenary at Alderson House

Alderson House

The celebration of the Craft Tercentenary is almost over and Alderson House is hosting a very special dinner to celebrate the anniversary, on Saturday 4th November. There are still approximately 12 places available and we invite you to join us.

The evening will comprise of:

  • A drinks and Canapes reception in the Lodge Room.
  • A presentation of the highlights of the Grand Lodge celebration in London, held a few days earlier.
  • A very special 5-course dinner to include soft drinks, table wine and port.
  • Wonderful entertainment by the renowned Maggie O’Hara who has been with us to great success on previous occasions.

For the very special price of £39.00 per person inclusive.

The menu for the evening will be:

  • A Mushroom and Leek Brioche
  • Sole Veronique
  • Rump of Lamb with Seasonal Vegetables
  • Crème Brulee
  • Cheese and Port
  • Coffee and Mints

There will be options available for vegan, vegetarian or other dietary requirements. Please advise me with your response and cheque, using the reply slip below.

The evening will commence at 6.15 pm for the drinks and canapes reception and it is anticipated that carriages will be called at 11.15 pm. Dress code is formal for men and evening/cocktail dress for our ladies.

Do please support our final event, to make this a truly splendid occasion. Numbers are limited to a maximum of 90 so it really is first come first served by Friday 27th. October.

To secure your place please download the attached application form

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