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German Pilgrimage to Allegiance

German Pilgrimage to Allegiance

Feb 22 2012 12:12 AM

A fraternal visit to the Lodge of Allegiance 6000 by Pilgrim Lodge 238, which is a German-speaking lodge meeting at Freemasons' Hall in London, marked the 50th birthday of W Bro Olaf Dankert, the Master of Pilgrim Lodge. In addition, there were other 'Continental' Freemasons who attended following a visit by the Lodge of Allegiance to Plato Lodge in Wiesbaden, Germany in September 2011, as well as the Deputy Provincial Grand Master of Warwickshire VW Bro Alan Wellan.

The meeting, held at the Masonic Hall, Sutton Coldfield, included a demonstration of the 2nd Degree by members of Pilgrim Lodge, which was founded in 1779 under the English Constitution by German brethren who follow the Ancient Schroder Workings.  The brethren wear top hats in the lodge and the Tracing Board is a carpet that is laid out on the floor. Flowers are spread before the candidate in the lodge as he processes around the Temple to represent lodges. The candidate must visit lodges to gain knowledge before being raised.

The Master of Lodge of Allegiance W Bro George Busby received a commemorative Goblet from the Master of Pilgrim Lodge, and alms collected in the Temple were donated to the 2012 festival, which together with a raffle held on the day raised over £400.

Lodge of Allegiance are hoping to make another fraternal visit to Wiesbaden in the autumn of 2012.

Olaf Dankert (l) presents George Busby with his goblet

Alan Wellan (right of centre) with Olaf Dankert (centre) and Brethren of Pilgrim Lodge 238.

Goldieslie Toast

Goldieslie Toast

Mar 20 2012 12:21 AM

W Bro David Barrie has forwarded the Toast to our Visitors (in the form of a poem) that was written by Junior Warden Bro Simon Phipps - and delivered at the festive board after David had gone into the chair of Goldieslie Lodge 6174 for the second time. He thinks it was brilliant and well worth sharing with other lodges.

Happiness since 1964

Happiness since 1964

Apr 18 2012 7:42 PM

The Lodge of Happiness 7952 has celebrated its 300th Regular Lodge Meeting, a significant milestone in any lodge’s history – their first regular meeting was back in the summer of 1964. 

Coupled with the 300th celebrations, the lodge installed their new Worshipful Master, Bro Stephen K Tector, and lodge officers for the ensuing year, making the night a particularly special one.

The full story and photo can be seen by clicking here

Happy Did They Meet

Happy Did They Meet

Nov 30 2012 1:40 AM

Happy have we met, Happy have we been, Happy may we part, Happy meet again. 

This, according to Ladies Night Secretary W Bro Carl Walker, nicely summed up the Ipsley Lodge 6491 Ladies Night held at the Ardencote Manor Hotel, Claverdon, which was presided over in a relaxed and friendly fashion by the Worshipful Master Bro Mark Banner and his good lady Jackie.

The charity collection made for Scotty’s Little Soldiers raised £500.

A full summary of the event can be seen on Ipsley Lodge's website here

Hidden Treasure from St Mary

Hidden Treasure from St Mary

Oct 6 2012 12:32 AM

W Bro Graham Earle of St Mary’s Lodge 7244 is organising a Treasure Hunt around the streets of Warwick on Sunday 21st October 2012.

Starting at 3pm from the Masonic Hall, Alderson House, Warwick, friends and family are especially welcome with funds raised going to the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys. Further information can be seen on the Lodge's website, or telephone 07805 421255.

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