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Climb Every Mountain

Climb Every Mountain

Nov 18 2011 1:41 PM

Members of Apollo Lodge 301 were privileged to have the Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro David Macey with them at their meeting in March, and presented him with a magnificent cheque for £1,050 towards the Warwickshire 2012 Festival.

The donation had arisen as the result of six Brethren of the Lodge - W Bro M Banner (Master), W Bro K Hogan, W Bro S Hogan, W Bro G Hogan, Bro N Pearson and W Bro A Cheetham – having entered the “Three Peaks” challenge the previous June.

This entailed climbing Ben Nevis, Scafell and Snowdon within a 24 hour period, which they commenced at Ben Nevis and after a long (and fast) drive and thankfully very kind weather the Brethren completed the challenge at the foot of Snowdon with 15 minutes to spare.

Thanks go to everyone who was kind enough to sponsor the Brethren in this challenge, to be followed later in 2011 with the “Coast 2 Coast” Bicycle Ride, again to support the 2012 Festival.

Court of Brotherhood

Court of Brotherhood

Nov 18 2011 2:12 PM

A unique occasion will take place on Wednesday 25th January 2012 when the Lodge of Justice 5092 conducts a ceremony of raising at its meeting place in the Masonic Temple, Severn Street, Birmingham B1 1QG.

The Master, W Bro Kuldip Sura will be raising his son Bro Taran Sura, with the Senior Warden’s chair being  occupied by Kuldip’s natural brother, Bro Jas Sura, the Junior Warden's chair being occupied for the evening by W Bro Amarjit Marwaha, being his brother-in-law!

The Lodge will be opened at 5.30pm and a rare demonstration of “The Walking Charge” will be given by W Bro Derek Hughes.

The Provincial Grand Master has kindly accepted an invitation to attend, and all other Warwickshire Master Masons are invited to witness this special event, and stay to enjoy the renowned festive board catering at Severn Street. The dining fee is £20.

Parking arrangements at the Severn Street rooms are now free and convenient to access, and will be advised to all attending the meeting.

For full details please contact Bro Sean Lambert on 07930 231091.

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Didn't Look Back

Didn't Look Back

Nov 18 2011 1:47 PM

W Bro Peter Balchin, PProvAGDC, Past Master of Knowle Lodge 8001 (1991), was initiated by his father W Bro Lewis Balchin the then Master of the Lodge on 15th October 1979.

Having resigned in 1997 after moving to Swindon, it looks as though he didn't apply the brakes properly and kept going! He and his wife Dorinda (pictured with their dog) now live and work next to the Karamaraj Lake in the Palani foothills of Southern India, following a complete lifestyle change which saw them take over a local resort after visiting it in 2007.

Their story can be seen as reported by the local newspaper at

They have worked hard to get "Lakeside", their guesthouse, into shape and Peter looks forward to relying increasingly on his staff, so he can visit " local" Lodges - the nearest being just 60 km away, a relatively short distance in such a vast land.

Double Celebration

Double Celebration

Jan 12 2012 2:56 AM

On November 28th 2011 The University of Birmingham Lodge 5628 celebrated its 75th birthday and 300th meeting by raising two of its members in a double ceremony. Bro Jake Harvey and Bro Dipesh Bhundia had entered Freemasonry though the Universities Scheme being initiated into the University of Birmingham Lodge. The Lodge benefited from the assistance provided by the Provincial Support Team who supplied Assistant Deacons for the evening.  Jake Harvey is a Lewis and his father W Bro Ade Harvey, a member of Chase Lodge in the neighbouring Province of Staffordshire, assisted W Bro Ron Parker, the new Master of the University of Birmingham Lodge, by raising his son Jake.

The evening was further complemented by members of Foundation Lodge 82 in the Province of Gloucestershire, who presented some elegant regalia and jewels that had belonged to a deceased brother who had also been a joining member of the Lodge. The provinces of Warwickshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire were all well represented.

Faith, Hope and Provincial Charity

Faith, Hope and Provincial Charity

Nov 18 2011 1:49 PM

The Lodge of Faith and Hope 4772 has continued its many years' support for the Wilson Stuart Disabled Cub Pack, with the Warwickshire Masonic Charitable Association once again providing additional funds.

Pictured is the Lodge Charity Steward, W Bro Roger Chapman, with the Arkela and her deputy of the Pack, which is based in Erdington, Birmingham, after presenting them with £550 (£400 from the Province and a further £150 from the Lodge).

All of the Cubs are disabled, some mentally, some physically, and some sadly both. The money presented will enable them to go on a summer camp, which is extremely expensive with the disabled children.

Sue and Kath were absolutely delighted with the cheques Roger presented. They cannot believe how well they have been supported by the Masonic organisation, and offered their thanks to both the Lodge and the Province.

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