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The Provincial Grand Orator for the Province of Warwickshire is Keith Marchington.

You can contact Keith via e-mail kmarchington@sky.com or by telephone +44 (0)1926 331790

Whilst the future well-being of the Craft critically depends on its ability to recruit new members, it is even more important to retain them. Freemasonry should both challenge and inspire the Candidate from the moment of his initiation, but too often he remains in the darkness of ignorance simply because nobody has taken the trouble to explain what it means as he passes though his masonic journey.

In his talk at the 2005 Cornerstone Conference entitled Whither directing your Course, the Pro Grand Master, Lord Northampton, remarked "We need to give a better understanding of the inner meanings of the Craft; partly to encourage a better study of Freemasonry and partly to increase the amount of revealed light in the Order as a whole".

Historically there has been no formal place in lodge business when the meaning of the ritual and its rich symbolism is discussed. The Orator scheme has been established to do just that by providing an interesting method of education, which will perfectly compliment the nurturing provided by the recently launched Mentoring initiative.

The Scheme

Over 50 UGL Approved Orations have now been provided to the Provincial Orators and their Assistants, with more in preparation. They have been written to enhance rather than to replace the lessons contained in the rituals.

The Orations are individual, freestanding, short talks, which will focus on a particular aspect of the Craft and the deeper meaning of the ritual and its symbolism. The topics covered are as wide and varied as Freemasonry itself. and are based on various aspects of the three degrees. Each oration is 'tagged' as either 'beginner', 'intermediate', or 'advanced'. This does not mean that 'beginner' orations are any less worthwhile than the more advanced ones but, rather it enables a lodge to take further steps in Masonic knowledge at its own pace.

They are not formal lectures and the intention is that they may often be followed by a discussion on the topic chosen.

A full list can be seen here Orations_Mar2013.pdf

The key to the success of the scheme will be the delivery as this will determine the impact the any particular oration will have on the candidate or brethren. The orations are therefore intended as verbal communications only and accordingly will not be published or generally distributed. Also, perhaps more importantly, the orations will not be memorised but read, enabling the speaker to concentrate on the meaning.

Feedback is important for the success of this initiative and Brethren will be encouraged for their views by the Orator or his Assistant to help ensure that the material remains as relevant and interesting as possible.

The Provincial Orator would like to encourage, and will be pleased to receive an oration written by any Brother who would like to do so, which he will submit to the Orations Committee established by the Pro Grand Master for approval and subsequent inclusion as an Approved Oration of United Grand Lodge for presentation to all Provinces and Districts.

Although not everyone feels they have the gift of writing, some brethren may have very worthwhile ideas or themes that could be developed into orations and they are encouraged to submit their ideas too, particularly those new to our Order.

The Provincial Orator will appoint a number of assistants to work with him in delivering the orations in our lodges.