Provincial Grand Lodge of Warwickshire

The Brotherhood of David and Jonathan or the Order of the Secret Monitor as it is more commonly known, is one of the fastest growing Masonic Orders in the United Kingdom. The qualifications required to be proposed into a Conclave of the Order are that of being a Master Mason and a member, in good standing, of a regular Craft Lodge.

The ceremonies typically surround the story of the remarkable Friendship which existed between David and Jonathan. (I Samuel XX)

There are three distinct degrees to the Order of the Secret Monitor:

1° - Secret Monitor. The story unfolds recalling the Friendship that developed between David and Jonathan and the wonderful lessons to be learned in friendship, support and fidelity.

2° - Prince. Admission into an Assembly of Princes is also derived from the Book of Samuel and recalls how Saul sought to destroy David and relates the interesting legend of the methods contrived to foil the pursuits of the jealous King.

3° - Supreme Ruler. This last degree concerns the Installation to the headship of a Conclave and surrounds David’s Kingship. Within the ritual of this degree there is a ceremony of Commissioning, which permits rank and status throughout the Order as a whole and furthermore, a certificate is issued to confirm the Officer is Commissioned, both of which are quite unique in Freemasonry.

Anyone seeking to improve their Masonic knowledge would find great satisfaction in this beautiful degree in Freemasonry, which has 10 conclaves in Warwickshire, led by R Wy Bro Trevor Cavill.

The Provincial Recorder is Wy Bro Neil Watkin Tel: 0121 321 2220

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